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We are experts in design and installation. Entrance barrier – automatic design ( GATE BARRIER , TURNSTILE , FULL HEIGHT , HALF HEIGHT , SWING BARRIER , FLAP BARRIER ) to prevent and screen people in and out of the area both inside and outside the building. with modern technology and safe to use which can connect a variety of devices with a modern look There are many styles to choose from, whether it is a cantilever door, a butterfly door or a three-legged turnstile, and can be designed according to customer requirements. which is made of standard grade 304 stainless steel material to prevent rust This ensures that you will receive quality products with a team of skilled technicians for the best service for you.

FLAP GATE is an entrance-exit barrier that has a door opening style that can be applied with many other accessories, whether it is a card reader. finger scanner human face scanner depending on customer requirements There is a channel for people to enter and exit with the situation display. Using automatic doors There is a light indicating the status of use. Remote control in the event of various emergencies can open the door for people to pass in and out in a timely manner. In the event of an unexpected incident There is an alert system when someone tries to open the door with a card. or other unauthorized devices It can also be designed by the handicapped channel or the transport channel for convenience as well. Nowadays, flap gate is a technology that is more widely used. and is a modern technology Suitable for blocking people in and out of various places. It also has a simple and modern operation that users can be assured that there will be no pinching because the flap gate has sensors to detect. Each model is different. Both the functions of the work are different as well.

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