Card Personalization Services

Security is a crucial issue at DPTF. Under highly secured environment, all classified information is handled with care. The operation is dual controlled to ensure the accuracy and confidentiality.

Our facilities are equipped with the most advanced card personalization systems. DPTF offers a wide range of card issuing services including card embossing, card imprinting, magnetic stripe encoding, color tipping, multi language printing, barcode encoding, scratch-off secret number and smart card personalization.

Chip Encoding
Magnetic Stripe Encoding
Photo Printing
Thermal Printing

Data Print Services

We offer mass data print and mailing services (Outsourcing Services) ranging from designing, programming, printing, folding/sealing, mailing and archiving. As data security is the most essential, we pledge to guarantee the confidentiality of customer data. Our wholly-owned, world class high security production plant certified is there to give you total peace of mind in the process of outsourcing.


Security and confidentiality is our highest priority. We focus on every detail network, computer system, workplace, human resources and management.


With complete and modern facilities, we work 24 x 7 (no holidays) to provide high productivity and prompt delivery.


In case of emergency or the main production unit fails to complete its mission, our backup site will ensure that the production process runs with consistency.


Flexible and adjustable. Capable of immediate change to match your need.

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